Won't Let Go

February 24, 2008
By Seth Prather, Independence, KS

How many times I have tried to let you go,
More than once, that I can let you know,
This is such a powerful attraction, my heart bleeds with it,
My emotions are going crazy, my soul has been relit,
Burning with passion, with thoughts of you and I,
Knowing you don’t want me has made me cry,
But deep down within myself I have the strength to move on,
A deep resolve to not be weak, but to remain strong,
I thought I had the patience, but it was all a lie,
Now I know I have the patience, and to wait, I will try,
No, not try, not ever,
I will be patience, even if it means forever,
For the wait will be well worth my time,
Putting that aside would be my greatest crime,
That I could not bear to put myself through,
I do not say this entirely for me, this is for you,
I want you to know how I feel,
How this reality doesn’t seem real,
I wish to lay and sleep, never to awake,
Another day, another night without seeing you I can barely take,
In my dreams you can be mine,
In my dreams, our fates are intertwined,
I never have to worry about losing you there,
I can dream freely, forever, a time without care,
Promises I make will always be made true,
Never to be put aside, I made this one specially for you,
I won’t ever let go, even when my life goes down a separate path,
If you ever get into trouble, I will be there and help you clean up the aftermath,
Being around, no matter the time, for you to lean on when you need it most,
I won’t care of the distance, even if it’s the farthest coast,
I said I would always be there and that is exactly what I meant,
My heart did not break this time, it merely bent,
Bent to the will of what I must do,
And that is to wait for you,
So remember until the day dawns that we may be together,
That day may be far, and far will feel like forever,
But I will remain a good friend, never complaining,
My love never even a little waning,
I wont let go for anything in the world, not money, not another,
For if I did, my burning love I will have smothered,
Make me smile, make me laugh, let us be friends, forever at least,
Always remembering that for you, my love will never cease.

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