Power On, Power Off

February 24, 2008
By Leah Maier, Plainville, CT

Power on, Power off.
Did you know that I'm faceless?
Foreign dawns pull me down.
I thought I would remember,
But the dawns all remote.

Power on, power off.
The remote to life has come undone.
Change the batteries, charge it up.
My life is done when the power's drained.

Drain my min of these tearing thoughts.
They poke and prod, and make me hurt.
I feel all broken, and crumbled, so torn.
Take my thougts, remold them to something lovely.

How attractive, and fascinating, I think.
Her thoughts come from far away,
But with grace nonetheless.
None could think me any less than perfection.

But what they don't know,
Is what was before. It wasn't so pretty.
A thought of my mirrored image in darkness.
It's quiet and alone. Just my features in stone.

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