The Stars So Bright

February 24, 2008
Orbs of light,
shining in the sky.
Guiding the way of the lost,
and forsaken.

Burning through eternity
life goes by unnoticed.
In a world of change,
a constant comfort in the sky.

A woman sees,
though does not understand.
wishing the world to change.
Yet, going on with the work to be done.

A man, in the present,
watches the same orb.
with a different understanding.
wishing the world to change.
Not knowing the wonder within himself.

Millions of miles away,
a flash and it's gone.
the light to shine no more.
though still we watch for years to come.
A guide from the past to keep us on track.

In that moment of loss, another flash.
a new orb, to guide and shape a new life.
to stay so bright for so long.
To fulfill it's job.

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