February 23, 2008
By Roberta Anglin, Worth, IL

Everything was going great, we were sailing really well
Then we hit a huge storm and things crashed and fell.
Now we continue to move farther and farther apart
What I want you to fix? I don't even know where to start.
What do you do when you put your heart and soul into everything
And everything gets thrown back at you, now that's a rather harsh sting.
How do you go about things when you want them to work?
When the ominous words 'break up' begin to lurk.
Where do you go when he's not 'the one'?
Do you continue to push harder or do you turn and run?
I don't want this to be some pointless high school thing
But what do I do, I mean he wont be giving me the ring.
I think the hurt will increase the longer I persist
But this impending future I really wanna resist.
I think if I would walk away now I'd be completely lost
Trying to find another fish might be too great a cost.
I try to compare if I cry more now then I will in the end
But I'm working so hard and nothing seems to bend.
I have this perfect image embedded in my brain
And knowing I can't have that is driving me insane.
But where's the future in this? I really must know
Because your valiant efforts never really show.
You amazing in so many ways that it's rare
It's a violent mind game that is completely unfair.
I try not to cry when I think of an ending
But I keep cleaning up, keep fixing and mending.
So there really isn't a 'hand book' but I wish there was
Then things would be perfect, without the unclarity and fuzz.
For now I'll keep working, it's a wait and see
I don't know how 'whole' I will ever fully be.
The idea of nothing changing has been abused
I really don't know anymore, I'm completely confused.

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