Passion, Hope, & Inspiration

February 23, 2008
By Jhonny Thermidor, Boynton Beach, FL

My mind keep telling me there is hope,
Hope to come out of this situation,
And, all over my stain, to rub soap,
So that, in my face, replenishes elation!

Bright future turned away from me,
It left nothing for me at all, but grief.
But still, optimist i will always be,
Even, I'm a victim & in need of relief!

Inspiration would lead me to a change.
Still, there is a dream behind my words,
Don't get confused, I just feel strange,
When observing the swiftness of the birds!

Passion is all but what keeps me alive.
If only you can imagine of being "Hopeless"
You can assume how I'm trying to survive,
I'm seeking for help, I'm in a deep distress!

Hope encourages me through my career,
Even there is neither joy nor light in my path,
Obstacles can't stop me from being an engineer
And I'm not the first to suffer God's wrath!

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