September 7, 2011
What would a night be without her stars,
What would an ocean be without his shores,
What would the sun be without his earth,
What would a field be without her green grass?

A night with no stars is just a night,
An ocean without a shore is just an ocean,
A sun with no earth is just a sun,
And a field without grass is just a field.

They would be useless like broken cars,
And have nothing to cherish or adore,
They wouldnt have any worth,
On their own they wouldnt last.

Im like a starless night that has no might,
Like a shoreless ocean with no devotion,
Me without you is an earthless sun,
Like a grassless field that has no shield.

You right by my side is what I need,
So I can finally be whole,
Only you can complete my soul,
Furthermore Im nothing if your not with me.

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