A Beautiful Day

February 23, 2008
By Phillip C. Haney, Marrero, LA

A Beautiful Day
As I am walking around the outskirts of my house,

I don’t here much, not a bug or a mouse.

What I do hear is the chirping of a starling right above my head,

and there is no flaw, not a moment of dread.

The wonderful sound sharply upon my ears

with the great joy of the bird’s wonderful cheers.

The sky with clouds of cotton glistening around my eyes,

as I look down I see the flowers rise. A remarkable day with great intent and outstanding grace

lingering is the sun shining on my face.

There is no flaw in this glorious day,

just the low intensity of the sun’s rays.

There is great thrill in this beautiful day

where I can have some fun when I go out to play. A remarkable day closes to an end.

As it goes to night

there is just a feeling of warmth, not a sense of fright.

I wish all days can be like this in life

where there is no sense of anger nor is there feelings of strife.

I wish I can again feel the sun’s bright, bright rays,

and relive this beautiful day.

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