Ear Plugs

February 23, 2008
By Danielle Procope, Sacramento, CA

The beat captivates
The words are the hook
“We want clarity”
I’m broken down
All I’ve got is white ear- plugs
Buried into my brain
I can’t hear you
I hear the reggae music
“he says I’m a soul rebel”
I can’t hear myself think
The music makes me hard-core
You can’t tell me “nothing”
And I hide behind the lenses
Not rosy but black
I can’t see you and even in the
Mirror I can’t see me
I see Jimi doing his solo on the guitar
He wants me to sing along
The plugs find my frontal cortex
Makes me swim in thoughts of
A city, with blinding lights
And I don’t need you
He says I’m beautiful, tonight
And I’m hard to beat
And I’m the girl in the
Music video
The sophisticated one
Looking perfect
From all angles
I can’t hear you calling me
Cause he is calling me
“his shawty”
My music protects me
And as you scream
All I think of
All I can think of
Is my music
The beat captivates
The words are the hook

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