The Simple Things

February 23, 2008
By Danielle Procope, Sacramento, CA

When I was young
I lived for life
I played in the sun until it was gone
I laughed and I cried; but never salt tears
And when I got hurt I waited for a band aid
To make everything better
The simple things,

Like waiting for lights to turn green
Picking all of the black seeds out of a watermelon
Waiting for caterpillars to turn into beautiful butterflies
For the things that were insignificant to take place
I waited for the simple things

Now life rushes past me
I’m thinking about important things all of the time
I’m tired and I’m wishing that I could go back to the simple things

Waiting for my song to come on the radio
Guessing if that boy would give me his heart – today
Learning to dance in time with the beat
Surviving another sermon,
Writing another little poem
About the simple things

Finding the perfect outfit
Being comfortable in the perfect sweats
Making an A on the hardest test
Catching the bus and getting a seat next to my friends
Finding ways not to participate in PE
Gossiping about my teacher’s behind their backs

The simple things,
Loving your life without having to think of the horrible things
Living in innocence; just for one more day
Living in the simple things and forgetting the complicated ones

The simple things

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