The Radio

February 23, 2008
By Danielle Procope, Sacramento, CA

Volume up; music blasting
We dance – the best we know how
To the music of our life
The music that is played on the radio

Mother thinks the lyrics are too bad
Father thinks that the beat is too strong
So I can’t buy the songs
I hear on the radio

But I listen to them
And we listen to the words
And we learn about the things
That young girls probably shouldn’t know
And we dance
To things that good girls shouldn’t dance to
On the radio

The boys watch us dance
They watch us live to the music in our hearts
They watch us dance to the radio
Sitting in the corner
Giving us music that we couldn’t hear anywhere else
On the radio

We listen to the radio
We wait for our jams
And we dance – we stop living
So we can dance to the radio

Kiss all problems goodbye
And dance – the best that you know how
To the music of your life
The music that is played on the radio

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