September 8, 2011
By Bradymb94 SILVER, Walker, Iowa
Bradymb94 SILVER, Walker, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
2) "I am not, nor will I ever be, a sheep." 2) "Time will pass ever so slowly. But pass it does, Even for me." -Stephen King

Here I stand, a boy of an hour.
Learning the past, and writing the future.
It is for I to learn what the world does not.
And for I to leave what the world doth want.
Here I stand, a boy of an hour.

Here we stand, a generation to cower.
Following one, who follows the other.
Like sheep in the pasture, one after another.
On this path, we are pulled down under.
Forever spiraling strait toward the fire.
Here we stand, a generation to cower.

Here I stand, a man of an hour.
To contemplate the sorrow, surrounded by

To break away? Or to follow the crowd?
Forever spiraling engulfed by the shroud.
I make the decision to break away.
To fill my life with pride and joy.
To alleviate the rest, and follow the Shepherd.
This is my choice, This is His power.
Here I stand, THE man of THIS hour.

The author's comments:
This is my first poem I've written freely. Nobody assigned this poem for school, and I'm extremely proud of it. It's a topic I stand strongly for and I hope you like it as well.

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