Turning Away

September 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Why hide and shy away?
Turn your back on everything without a say.
When life gets rough and tough you run,
And just announce you’re done.

Every fear you face you flee.
Do you realize there’s a fee?
You cost yourself your pride,
Because you never truly tried.

You always retreat and make it worse.
I won’t always be there to play nurse.
So when you get hurt, what will you do?
Simply bid everyone “adieu?”

You think leaving is best.
What you need to do is rest.
Try and restore you power,
So you can no longer cower.

Because every time you run to shelter,
Nothing ever gets better.
Do you know there’s an easier path?
With far less of their wrath.

All you have to do is turn around.
I guarantee you won’t break down.
All you need to do is stay strong,
And nothing will go wrong.

Face your fears head on.
Fight them until they’re gone.
Let them know who is in charge.
You’ll figure out they were never that large.

In the end you will grow,
With no problems in tow.
You’ll finally learn not to run away.
Because you won’t stumble when you stay.

-Quote- “It’s when you run away that you’re most liable to stumble.”(Casey Robinson)

The author's comments:
I Wrote this for a school assignment and actually really liked it. I got a response to it on another site, so wanted to see how it is one here!

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