I'm Dying

February 23, 2008
By Gabrielle Yundt, Albany, OR

Inside and out
Because of what you did
Because of what you said
I can’t believe you did that
Tore my heart in two
I gave you everything I had
I gave it all to you
You held me like I’ve never been held
You told me that everything would be ok
But it wouldn’t
You told me you’d never let anyone hurt me
But you were the suspect
You let me listen to your heart beat
And feel your hands sweat up against mine
You let me love you with all I have
But did you do the same
I remember when we first kissed
You were so nervous
I was so excited
How can you pretend none of this ever happened
Like you don’t love me no more
I met all your family members
When you wouldn’t meet mine
I made time for you
When you couldn’t
I let you in my house but you rejected
You let me in yours and I accepted
From now on
I will never look at video games the same
So that’s why you missed my game
You said you were sorry so many times
I’m not sure which ones I should believe
There’s nothing from you I could receive
There’s nothing from you at all
Nothing you left
Except my broken heart

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