Break a Finger

February 23, 2008
Break a finger
Break a nose
Break a heart
And leave a rose
All the numbers you’ve had

But I wont be there no more
I’m leaving you behind
Walkin’ out that door
And I’m goin’

If I stay here waitin’ for you
Would you promise me that your true?
And leave me again

How many times have I cried
How many times have I lied
To be wth you
To touch your face
Hold you so close

You said you’d never, hurt me
Never, hurt me
But you did
Yes ya did

If I can’t leave now
When will I ever go
When can I ever stop lovin’ you

Now I have to dig deep inside myself
(inside myself)
cuz you showed me things I’d never felt
you left me here all broken up inside
and your last words were filled and filled with lies
yet I’m still waitin’ here
thinkin’ you’ll come back
but no more
I’m packin’ my things and movin’ on
Good luck with your next one.

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