February 23, 2008
The need to impress was so strong
At this point he couldn’t even hold his own
Temptations falling into his lap
And a matter of fact, he behaved as if there was no tomorrow
So he continued to borrow the time that was there today because he didn’t know how to walk away and say “no, that’s ok”
As time flew by
He became unrecognizable and unreliable,
But the situation at hand was unexplainable,
Which was so unbelievable because once upon a time he was so desirable
Got caught up in the game like many before him
And continued to listen to them and please them
Without listening to the voice within him
Broke a lot of hearts and lost a lot of friends,
And just never got around to making amends.
At times he felt as if he was coming to the end
However, there was one who never gave up
And despite her bad luck,
She continued to keep him in her prayers
Over time his tough demeanor shed layer by layer
Now, whenever he spoke she felt like there was still some kind of hope
Before it seemed as if he was living a lie, but maybe that was because he had been
Living a dream and just realized that it was reality

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