Adrenaline Rush

February 22, 2008
By Emma Verstraete, Monett, MO

She is like adrenaline
Always pushing me towards the next big and scary thing.
Never letting me back down,
Even if it requires tackling me until I submit.
She makes me try for my dreams
No, I will not settle like she thinks she should.
Is she wrong about that?

Yes, I believe so.
I will not continue on without her at my side
All the way until I am grown-up.

Besides who else will dress me
And force me to talk to others.
And apparently she means the people who exist
How unfortunate.
well I suppose I will
Because she is relentless,
Terrifying when she wishes,
And sometimes just plain horrible.
But yet my best friend,
And my sister.
And now I am quiet, and in rest until we join again, waiting for our next big escapade-
that the mortals call high school.

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