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A melancholy mind

August 24, 2011
By Charlie King SILVER, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Charlie King SILVER, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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The sun has made the air orange. Not a typical orange though. A gloomy orange. An orange that you can only see on a very somber occasion. It spreads to trees. Turning them from luscious green to twisted violet. It spreads to birds. Turning doves into crows and pigeons in vultures. It raptures humanity. It makes all that is good bleed before mother natures very eyes. Then it sets it sight forward, to the city. I can see it now. Turning satin white buildings into ash. People becoming animals. The good in the world crumbling. This virus, curse, nature's destroyer is spreading further. Cutting down whole towns. Singling out cities, countries, killing everything in it's wake..... And then I wake up. The orange glow is still there, but you are not. It's not the world coming to an end, it's our love. Don't worry, you'll be fine. It's just me who suffers in my melancholy mind.

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