Take My Hand

August 24, 2011
By Shaimere BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Shaimere BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Take my hand and walk with me
As I listen while you talk to me.
Take my hand and realize
That I will always care,
As long as I am here,
On this earth.

Take my hand and laugh with me,
As we look upon the sea.
And talk to god asking him to forgive your sins.
Take my hand and hold it tight
When you feel your patience wearing thin…

Take my hand even though invisible
Cause its always there for you.
Take my hand when you feel alone
And know that I’m sitting right beside you
Even though I can’t be seen.

Take my hand and smile with me
As we reminisce about the good times...
You had before you got sucked
Up into this life.
Take my hand as we
Tackle the bad times together.
Come on and take my hand,
So I can guide you through this stormy weather.

Take my hand and stand with me
As you get ready to walk through
Those gates.
No looking back as you step back into
The world.
Ready to face it head on,
Stronger than ever.
Take my hand and laugh
At the law, they mad
Cause you’re home.

Take my hand and get ready
To forgive those that plotted
Against you.
Close your eyes and get ready
To be all that you can be.
Let’s go,
Take my hand as you cry
Cause you’re finally

The author's comments:
i wrote this because everyone deserves to know that no matter what they go through there will always be someone there for them even if it seems as though they are on there own.

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