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What Do You Want

August 24, 2011
By Hollie.Michele. SILVER, Prineville, Oregon
Hollie.Michele. SILVER, Prineville, Oregon
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What do you want from me?

You've taken everything

Does my pain lather you with joy?

I slowly die inside while I stand infront of you pouring my heart out

You don't seem to care

And yet you want something

What more do you want from me??

I've given you everything

I've given you my heart, my life, my soul

You want more

What else do I have?

Tell me

I'm begging you

Tell me


What do you want?

Haven't you hurt me enough already?

Leave me alone

No, tell me what you want

You don't answer

Just sit there like a child

Tell me

Why won't you tell me?

Do you just want me to linger in your life forever asking what do you want?

Well I wont

I'll ask you one more time

What do you want from me?

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