Ode to Dream

September 5, 2011
By dvoychuk GOLD, Watchung, New Jersey
dvoychuk GOLD, Watchung, New Jersey
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Oh, dream, think not of your worries
It is time to forget
Take off on your journeys
Without becoming upset

As the wind subtly disturbs open air
It also ruffles the trees
Giving tender loving care
To you does it please

Birds chirp softly in the grasses
Singing their own tune
As slow warm air passes
On this tranquil afternoon

Let your mind drift away
And your spirits run free
Let it go every which way
To the highest degree

As your muscles run weak
And your shoulders reach low
Take a long deep breath
Just let it go

The subtle summer breeze
Is like an angel’s touch
How lightly does it tease
It soothes so much

A butterfly brushes your skin
In a light ticklish manner
Giving you a slight grin
Of peace and glamour

What will it take
For you to finally rest?
No longer lie awake
Sleep shall not be repressed

Take an unconscious path
To the land of possibilities
As an exhausted bath
Free of responsibilities

The radiant sun shines
Upon your smooth-skinned face
Smell and color combines
Into one harmonic grace

Deep breath in
Deep breath out
Gently fly away
Beyond all doubt

It is time for inactivity
A deep undisturbed rest
Greet sleep with receptivity
Let slumber be a guest

May the dimly lit sky
Be a symbol of relaxation
Let the time pass by
In pure liberation

Seize this chance of pause
And close your eyes in relief
For sleep has no flaws
Hope it not to be brief

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