singing songs of hatred

September 3, 2011
By AdrianG BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
AdrianG BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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(This land is your land)
She comes home hoping he isn’t there
Its dim in the house, she’s hoping he isn’t drunk
(This land is my land)
She stands there waiting
Waiting for the wrath of a husband she never wanted to marry
(From California)
The large man slams open the back door
He strikes her across the face
(To the New York island)
She doesn’t even bother to hold up her hands
Death for her would be a relief
Fight back he yells
He needs some competition
(From the redwood forest)
Her throat is getting strangled
Her instincts kick in
Her knee comes up
And hits him
(To the Gulf Stream waters)
He lets go long enough for her to run
His stomping feet behind her
Make her terrified
She falls
(This land is made for you and me)

The author's comments:
I wrote this in honor for all the woman who have died from domestic violence

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