Why? Part 1 of 6

September 4, 2011
By cittiecat PLATINUM, Red Hook, New York
cittiecat PLATINUM, Red Hook, New York
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Why is my ceiling so white?
Why do some goodbyes mean forever?
Why does the crowd follow one person?
Why does one person follow the crowd?
Why can't the ugly crayons break instead?
Why do they always run out on your turn?
Why does no one leave a penny?
Why does an ambulance take longer than a pizza?
Why not?
Why did the cheese stand alone?
Why do they make itchy pajamas?
Why can't I fly?
Why do people think South Park is funny?
Why does this hallway seem to grow longer?
Why does one soldier stand to fight alone?
Why is there always a fly in my house?
Why can't every story end with happily ever after?
Why is reality television so popular, while no one watches the news?
Why do rainbows make me sad?
Why does a country built on "All men are created equal" deny some equality?
Why are books so much better then real life?
Why can't I see my reflection?

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