Amusement Of Your Suffering

August 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Waning waxing psychopathic these things I do enjoy

Break your frame of mind with neurotoxin I'm overjoyed

Shrilling screams are the norm to me, conspired with madness

I no longer flirt with suicide just drawn to your sadness

I feed off whatever you think is happy, and replace it with fear

When the four horsemen invade these lands, understand

I envisioned it and your death is near

Inject you with you're favorite poison you slowly fade away

This amuses me, I watch you suffer and grin with much delight

So while you thought in my life you'd always stay

One morning hour you awoke to a heart stopping fright

I am the joker, jester, beggar-man thief,

I relieve you of all your relief

I lay the spores that weigh in you

And then our realities merge and become true

Every little thing that can destroy

Is every loving tactic I employ

The shadow always by your side?

The hourglass the flips in time?

The world outside, peaceful as you see?

Was blurred a long time ago, distorted and aborted

When you met me

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