Take Refuge

August 29, 2011
Take refuge under the wings of the ravens
The coats as black as ebony, finely tuned.
They flutter through the wind, casting shadows on Earth,
And they say to bring signs of sin.

Take refuge under the wings of the ravens
Whose eyes are like marbles, still as glass.
You never know what you've had until you lost it,
Make sure no ill comes to pass.

Take refuge under the wings of ravens,
Whose talons grip the lovers hearts.
Intending to take them away, to the Underworld they say,
But it doesn't get too far.

Take now refuge under the wings of doves,
Who's feathers say to bring peace and mercy today.
And when it grips your heart, not tearing it apart,
It takes it to Heaven, never leads it astray.

Today listen to the birds in the trees,
Who's voices echo among the breeze.
Just listen to the hearts beating aloud,
But feel the love and not the sound!

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