When do we learn

August 13, 2011
By , East Boston, MA
Time to get ready for the nights big event. 
I've tried on everything and called up friends. 
Mom walks in lecturing dont drink and drive. 
So I joke and tell her only while high. 
Though she didn't laugh it was funny to me. 
But that was before what was destined to be. 
A horn beeps so I rush for the door. 
Leaving with no goodbyes or a care in the world. 
     Now I'm with the girls at this crazy night club. 
As the designated driver throws back each cup. 
2 hours go bye and now she's to drunk to drive. 
So another takes over to give it a try. 
She had a drink or two but she was more sober than others. 
So we tossed her the keys because we thought we could trust her.
      Driving home seemed to take a little bit more time. 
As our liquor kicks in and takes over our mind. 
The car started swerving and then came to a stop.  
We thought we were safe then beamed lights from a truck. 
It came so fast in the blink of an eye. 
In that moment of darkness I was reaching for life. 
     Picturing the faces I may have to let go. 
Releasing all the anger I could ever hold. 
Coming to peace that this may be it. 
Accepting all things as I quickly repent. 
     In and out of consciousness as I lay in the crowd. 
But the lights are too much so I close them for now. 

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