When do we learn

August 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Time to get ready for the nights big event. 
I've tried on everything and called up friends. 
Mom walks in lecturing dont drink and drive. 
So I joke and tell her only while high. 
Though she didn't laugh it was funny to me. 
But that was before what was destined to be. 
A horn beeps so I rush for the door. 
Leaving with no goodbyes or a care in the world. 
     Now I'm with the girls at this crazy night club. 
As the designated driver throws back each cup. 
2 hours go bye and now she's to drunk to drive. 
So another takes over to give it a try. 
She had a drink or two but she was more sober than others. 
So we tossed her the keys because we thought we could trust her.
      Driving home seemed to take a little bit more time. 
As our liquor kicks in and takes over our mind. 
The car started swerving and then came to a stop.  
We thought we were safe then beamed lights from a truck. 
It came so fast in the blink of an eye. 
In that moment of darkness I was reaching for life. 
     Picturing the faces I may have to let go. 
Releasing all the anger I could ever hold. 
Coming to peace that this may be it. 
Accepting all things as I quickly repent. 
     In and out of consciousness as I lay in the crowd. 
But the lights are too much so I close them for now. 

The author's comments:
Life may only be temporary but you should always do your best to stay far from it.

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