still she sits

August 29, 2011

still she sits
the moon so brightly lit

captured in the evening air
the crisp breeze crosses her skin with care

slowly she creaks back and forth
her feet struggle to point up north

higher and higher
that's all she desires

tightening her hold onto the iron chain
pushing away all the pain

she began reaching for the shine of a star
but her dreams were still too far

the swing creaked and moaned
with new heights it groaned

the sharp cold air
whispered to her hair

she rushed through the night
holding on with all her might

struggling to grab hold
her heart was still too cold

her body soared
while her emotions tore

falling through endless dark
she hit hard on the mark

pounding her fist down into the sand
she fought herself up into a stand

she would find a way
even in the darkest of days

to find that light
that was lit so bright

The author's comments:
I took a simple feature of a park, the swing set, and turned it into a struggle.

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