August 29, 2011

mind racing, lungs collapsing,
shutting off the world.
her head spun and swirled.
on each step,
her feet and the ground met.
getting farther and farther away,
from everything, and everyday
when nothing went right
and there was no bright light.
her head spun.
but she continued to run,
soon every problem would disappear,
and then it would be all clear.
but for now the problems stuck,
as her feet dug into muck.
if there was only a way out,
oh how she wanted to shout!
she came upon the field
running, putting up a shield,
but it couldn't keep out all of the bad ,
all the reasons to be mad,
every lie,
and how badly she wanted to cry.
heart pounding, muscles aching
she carried on,
wanting all the hurt to just be gone.
she kept her pace
as she came face to face,
with every fear,
the end was near.
tumbling onto the bridge she took her place,
this was going to be her last race.
tipping over the bridge's side,
she told herself she really had tried.
struggling was not possible anymore,
this was the final war,
the water rushed below,
as she let go.

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