August 28, 2011
By anniegeorgine SILVER, Pacific Palisades, California
anniegeorgine SILVER, Pacific Palisades, California
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Sitting on the bed,
Surrounded by the flowers of the duvet.

I take a look around the sunshine room,
smelling the fragrance desired by all,
and observing the design of her ingenuity.

She begins to choose her clothes,
tossing around her garments like flags,
the size always two numbers smaller.
Seeing her laugh and smile,
Flash those pearly whites.

I contain the confusion,
and the sadness.
I am left to wonder,
will she always always be more,
and will as always be half
as close to perfection?

My eyes watch her flip her hair,
a showering wave of gold and honey.
I turn away so I won't be blinded,
the color of envy is gold.

The author's comments:
This is inspired by the envy I see when some girls look at my older sister, and how baffling the feeling of insecurity can be

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