August 28, 2011
By poetrylover101 BRONZE, Racine, Wisconsin
poetrylover101 BRONZE, Racine, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
we came we saw we conquered

Dark, cold, damp
black as the night,
no one in sight.
this way, and that way.
I look around.
pieces around me
no one to be found
i crouch and stare
my gaze at the ground
i pick up a piece
it makes a small sound
i lift it up
hold it next to my ear
a strange, familiar sound i hear
then it dawns on me
that sounds the beating of a heart
someone has taken and torn apart
a tear in my eye
i cant fix the mess
unaware was i
that there was no beating in my chest

The author's comments:
i was just feeling broken when i wrote this and it just really made me think

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