Secrets of the Heart

February 18, 2008
By Emily C., Independence, MO

Locked away and beating softly
Love waits to be awakened
Deep in a woman’s heart
A lone heart beats in silence
Longing to be freed
Questioning, hoping

Lost and confused.
Easily broken and innocent
It is secretly given away,
Placed in the hands of a gentle friend
The greatest gift is held unknowingly.
Tilting on the edge of despair

Both hearts call out in the darkness
Searching, not knowing what to look for
And love sneaks in gently
Waiting to be recognized
Beating so sure and true
Never expected, never understood

Realization breaks out with the dawn
Accepted with humility and honor
It blossoms within, awkwardness disappears
Soon to be clasped in an eternal rhythm
Beating as one
Sealed with a covenant from above

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