The Complexions of my Love

February 18, 2008
By Purbita Saha, Ramsey, NJ

Oh impossible blue
living proof that the sky
is not only for the godly few.

Tantalizing pink,
lollipop stained
with summer’s watermelon ink.

Milky white
(against a licorice tongue)
shine intimately porcelain bright.

Saturated coffee
grazed by honeysuckle buds,
scented to cinnamon toffee.

Beckoning peach,
sunshine shattered
upon an illustrious coral beach.

Dismal gray,
imprints legends
of painful yet glorious days.

Royal red
elixir of precious life,
channels through its greenery bed.

Give me every color
every hue and every shade,
I shall mix and tint another
yet am hopelessly in vain,
to paint a likeness
to your colors.

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