Let go

February 18, 2008
Like a rock
you sit anticipating
the world surrounds you
your energy fading.
Thoughts all in a jumble
can't seem to concentrate
pressure from others engulfs you
as they sit and wait-
wait for you to figure out
what this life is all about
and wait for you to find your place,
to understand the worlds embrace.

Your time is coming
embrace it now.
Stand up and let go
before you forget how.
Stand up and walk through the door labled life.
Jump, leave the nest
see if you can fly.

As you walk away they
watch you go.
Hopeing they taught you
enough to know, know just
what to do in this world
on your own.
And they let you go
because they know
you have grown.
This world is huge,
in more ways than one.
Let go of their hands
it's just begun.

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