February 17, 2008
I am the sociopath that made the pauper walk the plank
I am the Geist that has become your life.
I am the story board that became a boy.
I am the one the one who looks to the stars, and sees nothing but the seas.

I am the thief that stole the treasure map from the drunken werewolf.
I am the thief that gave the treasure map to the people.
"I am a lover, but I ain't no dancer"

I am the skeleton that became a lobbyist
I am the lobbyist that became rust
I am the sound.
I am the echo under the train tracks.

I am the Revolution

I am the lonely spry sheep
I am the clever fox hunter
I am the Curious monkey, writing in the sand.

I am not the heart
I am not the love.
I am not the Healer I thought I once was.
I am
I am not.

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