As Roses Lay On Their Resting Place:

February 17, 2008
By Alyssa Martinez, Lehigh Acres, FL

As it seems so long that they have been gone,
Its been 3 years for one and just a year for the other,
Pain is brought to the hearts of the families who lost them,
But happiness seem to still linger as their memories are still alive,
As we reminisce on all the things they have done,
We laugh, we cry, but most of all we don’t forget the pride they helped us all gain,

We visit them from time to time,
We lay roses on their resting place,
We pray that we will get to see them yet again,
Tears stream out of our eyes as we speak to them as though they never left,
It was hard to say goodbye, but we had to let them go,

And yet those two days were the worst anyone could imagine,
To let their bodies lay there breathless and motionless,
As they sleep forever and always,
But yet we will always carry on the names Martinez and Averalo,
And we must watch as roses lay on their resting place.

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