Valentines Day

February 17, 2008
By max johnson, Centerville, IN

So it’s this one-day where the guy gets to flatter the girl

When the thought of her makes his head whirl

This is just the least he could do for his love

She’s his angel that’s fallen from above

He hopes the chocolate sweetens her day

Let it make her realize how she led his heart away

What he wouldn’t give and do for her

His love for her has spread like some beautiful cancer

For once in his life it seems as though he isn’t alone

In his heart the seeds of love have been sown

When he sees her walking next to him he just floats off

From up high he looks down at the couple so far-off

With hands intertwined they walk off till the end

Or at least that’s the picture he paints in his head as he starts to descend

So the message he is trying to say

Is that he loves her forever and for always

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