3 Simple Words

February 17, 2008
By Morgan Bettis, Ames, IA

The tears shedding for you.
The fear for she not letting go.
The lies that she believes.
The truth that she doesn't see.
The hate behind your eyes.
The love in between your lies.
The pain she throws away.
The scars she covers and hides.
She lives to please you,While you live to destroy her.
She loves when you smile,while you sit in denial.
One pill for every lie she believed.
One pill for every truth she denied.
One pill for every lie she said.
One pill for every tear she cried.
One pill for every thing she feared.
One pill for every note she teared.
One pill for every thought she had.
She asked for you.
She prayed for you
She loved for you.
She hated for you.
She lied for you.
She protected you.
And she smiled for you.
She cried for you.
She lived for you.
She breathed for you.
And she thought for you.
You took her hope, and burned it.
You took her love, and forgot to return it.
You left her with hate.
While she cried with her lies.
The protection now shooken.
With the smiles now taken
The tears keep coming.
As her life is ending
You took her breath.
Her thoughts now fading.
Now she's stuck in between 3 simple words, as she takes one more breath, she slips out one I hate you, as the words with the lost thoughts, are saying, oh baby I love you.

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