The Desire

February 17, 2008
By Brittany adams, Atlanta, GA

Paused for a second to release my last moment of a broken heart. Feel for the last time empty space.
Closing the door shut to a chapter in my heart that no longer will hold me down.
In love….
Waking up to fresh air, no burdens, free falling.
I smile to the heavens with my silent prayer.
Long days thinking about the one thing that makes
my heart do laps around my stomach. Giving me millions of high-strung butterflies.
Bubbling over with emotions but yet still speechless, inside writing a book.
Sweet thoughts, dreams, and wants.
This mission in my mind sends my heart on a journey
To define this new found love.
The hunger for more swells up inside me
The unexpected, the unexplained but so understood.

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