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Ode to the Firefly MAG

August 31, 2011
By Astrid Lavell BRONZE, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin
Astrid Lavell BRONZE, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin
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Oh the lights of all you fireflies,
how I try to count each of you
unsuccessfully falling into a
rhythmic routine.
In July, and only in July,
is the best time to
witness the fantasy
land you create with
Your budding lights
that fill the dark
spaces in the night.
Bottoms of my feet,
prickly with dry grass as
I try to catch you in one hand.
The other hand holds your brothers.
Their radiant,
beams of light
peek through my fingers.
Your grand performance
On the Fourth of July captivates me,
the combination of your
symphony with the elaborate
fireworks in the

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