I'm the Only Girl

February 17, 2008
By Sharonda Hudson, Lansing, MI

Im the only girl who knows the secret how the wind blows. Why the young kids scrunch up their toes and wrinkle their nose.
Im the only girl who crys at the horrible sight for the kids, who scream fuss and fight for their life.
Im the only girl who daydreams for freedom and a glorious kingdom. And a home I can call my own and no place to rome.
Im the only girl who holds the key to my moms heart, but when Valentines Day comes my mom dosen't even send me a Valentine sweet day tart.
Im the only girl who listens in class. But can't seem to see through the crystal glass. My class mates tease me and poke fun. But they don't know that Im number 1.
The only girl who stares at the stars,but when time comes my mom just hanging around the bar smokeing cigars her teeth covered with tar.
The only girl whos at the center of the world; when I look down no one I know can be found.
My so called friends who won't even send me a flower; who have the nerve to ask me for a hot shower...
Im the only girl.

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