Elmo X

February 17, 2008
Tickle Me Elmo X is the plaything of the devil.
Customized to the devil’s specifications,
With his red exterior like the flames of hell,
And a crazy-mad look in his eye,
He is the perfect companion for any child
Of the underworld.
He laughs an evil laugh,
Identical to that of the devil himself.
He follows me around.
And laughs while I scream.
I push him down and try to run.
But I freeze when I hear him laugh again,
And turn in time to see him stand himself up,
Still laughing.
His unforgettable eyes lock onto mine
And they tell me that I haven’t seen anything yet.
Then he throws himself on the ground and laughs,
Laughs at the look of horror on my face
When he gets himself back up again
And advances towards me.
He laughs when I fear him;
He laughs always.
And I can always hear him laughing.

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