If I Could Tell the World

February 17, 2008
By liz pires, Basking Ridge, NJ

No arms no legs
Just a body and a head
He whispers "I am good as dead"
He claims the devil visited his birth
Now he asks "what am I worth?"
A nickel, a dime?
A second of your time?
Reveal your heart
Don't point
Don't jeer
How do you know you won't end up here?
I walk with my heart but it has no marks
Besides from the words in your mouth, the sparks
Ignited by hatred colored with shame
For you money is just a game
I don't have a family I have no car
I'm not like the last one you saw
I don't play the guitar
Not for booze, not for a cigar
All I want is someone to make this sound like
A metaphor
Pick me up off the magnetic floor
Broadway's not far
I'm not a show
Holdin' your breath, red cars real slow
What am I?
The gum on your shoe?
I'm not the appetizer of your entertainment
Please, just give me an arraignment
I'll tell the judge my story
I'll tell her with my soul
Cause where my heart used to be
There's a giant leaking hole.

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