February 17, 2008
By Rian Readel, Antrim, NH

all the the small things, the troubles all the seasons bring, summer back to spring the good and the bad, everyone has a season, a reason to be happy.

everyone for some reason chose this season, the hope of new life, or maybe this season just offers more, love, sun shining above, or maybe its just the satisfaction of packing away your winter gloves,

birds flying and singing over head, get out your old sneakers and t shirt, run till your sides hurt, under the smiling sun raining down warmth and life upon the cold earth,

tis the season whether you know the reason or the worms it just plain pleazin, good bye freezin toes, hello to rows and rows of golden corn, you are now sworn into you summer task of holding hands, don't make demands just walk the path along the brook,clime a tree ride free, listen to a great song sing along,

walk along your life, don't focus on the dead , smile focus on what lies ahed, rhymes flow free from a pen as the page breaths with life, take a knife and walk the woods for the perfect tree, carve some names, an over turned eight, look into her eyes and evalueight you're new reason for the season

crank your favorite song and take her hand, walk along a life get gone,

find your reason for the season and don't stop till you do walk now

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