What do I think about?

August 25, 2011
By abee4320 BRONZE, Juneau, Alaska
abee4320 BRONZE, Juneau, Alaska
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Why does the sky rain,
Why do some things cause pain,
How come the sun goes away,
When it just turned into day,
What if the moon disappeared,
And everything was suddenly cleared,
How come when your with friends,
Good times always have to come to ends,
What if things were so jacked up,
That you couldn’t just man up,
Look bad times straight in the eye,
You don’t want them so let them pass by,
Instead of getting mad,
Turn away before things get bad,
Sometimes we all get scared,
Few of us are prepared,
If only words could tell how people felt,
Then we would not feel the need to melt,
Or cry about our problems everyday,
Instead put all the bad times away,
Lock them up in a drawer,
But don’t wait to long until there’s tons more,
If I knew why skies were blue,
I would try to reach up and go right threw,
To faraway places that made me feel safe,
Away from eyes and mouths and days,
To just be myself is what I want to do,
Isn’t that what you want to do to,
Or am I alone in this whole wide world,
Wondering why that I’m this innocent girl,
If only I could express what was true,
Then I would truly be happy too,
I want to travel to find someone,
That gets my humor and gets my puns,
That makes me feel safe and warm and glad,
Not someone that’s mean and hurtful and bad,
I will one day find someone maybe like you,
And you to will find someone that loves you threw,
Loves your soul your body your mind,
And loves how you think how you take your time,
But until then I have you and you have me,
We will always be friends you see,
We get along and we care,
I honestly couldn’t think of a better pair,
To be honest we fight sometimes,
We have our ups and downs and our climbs,
Back to the top where we find each others trust,
We both have it we do we must,
With you I can share almost anything,
Only one thing I will never sing,
An embarrassing moment can be told with no sweat,
Its funny how we get each other and I could bet,
That for along time we will be tight,
Or atleast I can hope I can and I might.

The author's comments:
My friend once asked me, what do i think about when i bike ride? and it got me thinking..and this is what i think about.

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