Make Me a Promise-

February 16, 2008
By Susan Fochs, Egg Harbor, WI

I have known you as far as my memory can stretch.
You always showed me that life went on,
Even when I believed that it was the end.
You always showed me that there was light somewhere,
Even when I was blind.
You always showed me that there was peace,
Even in the roughest war.
You never showed me that it was alright to cry.
You said it,
Never showed.
You always showed to be strong,
You’re crying now,
Because of your pain.
Can I take it?
I want to,
I want to help,
I can help you.
I’ll throw it away and make sure that it doesn’t come back.
Say the word,
But you can not speak,
So let me.
Do not be scared of what’s next.
I’ll never let anything hurt you.
Not now,
It can’t happen now,
And you can cry.
But don’t.
There is no need,
Everything will be alright,
Everyday you give me life,
So close your eyes,
And let me hold you.
I’ll never let you go, I swear.
Make me a promise,
You won’t hurt anymore but,
Will look for me.
Thank you.

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