February 16, 2008
For some it's simply a dream
For others it's an incredible reality
Whether it's based upon physical appearance or personality

The feeling of being wanted
The feeling of being appreciated
A feeling that many people have highly anticipated

A child's top priority in school isn't getting an A on the next math test
A child's top priority in school, is obtaining a reputation as "cool"

People may argue that they were just born accepted
People may argue that they gained acceptance at some point in their life
But for many people, trying to get accepted left them in a giant pile of strife

Whether it's a dream or a reality
One factor that remains constant, is that people can be extremely judgemental

The word "acceptance" may leave a person feeling gratified, or may leave somebody feeling terrified

Who knew that one stupid word could have such a large impact on people everywhere

I certaintly did not, but perhaps maybe it's the small insignificant fact that some people just don't care

They don't care if they are not accepted, wanted, or appreciated
Even though, acceptance was previously regarded as being highly anticipated

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