Seasons are the Reasons

February 16, 2008
By Nicole Douglas, Winona, MN

As I sit here in the pouring rain,
It washes away all my pain.
As I am warmed in the sun,
It takes away the memories of what was done.
As summer ends,
I can not control how I change, it just depends.

As the air turns cool once again,
I know I can not go back, it was then.
As the leaves start to fall,
The only thing I have is Hope, that is all.
As Fall becomes cold,
These feelings are becoming old.

As winter winds blow in,
They take away all my sins.
As snow beings to fall,
My memories are just a recall.
As winter goes away
I am not sure what path to take, which way?

As spring brings new life,
I begin a new drive.
As everything is new,
There is always something we can do.
As spring changes, never staying the same,
I realize with each passing season, I see what I became.

As years go on and on,
We can say we are waken by the dawn, We can say we sleep with the night,
But time we can not fight.
We mush change as seasons do.
Shed the old and embrace the new.
We must not forget about the past,
But hold on and see how long we can last.

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