Dance of the Rain

February 16, 2008
By Richard Plunkett, Thornwood, NY

Descending from the sky, shrouded by clouds,
A speck of blue, a tear of rain, cascades through the air.
The drop travels high, above all the world,
Then, in one moment, strikes the ground and unfurls.
The life below in the city stops, peering into the blue,
Wondering if more drops will follow through.

One drop commencing the flow of drizzle,
Begins a steady pitter-patter upon the ground.
A whirlwind of droplets soar through the sky,
Distorting the view of all as they fly.
All persons have fled behind sealed doors,
Hearing from inside the music from outdoors.

And from the drizzle a shower stems,
From a stream, a river is born.
The gale of liquid marbles, rocketing high,
Soon plummet from the heavens, by and by.
The world is illuminated with silver and blue,
While pools on the ground assume a sapphire hue.

Soon, a downpour of beads from the cosmos flow,
Land becoming fluid in the heart of the flood.
The beads pound down, communing in code,
As the atmosphere opens up and pours out its load.
No sliver of light is left to be seen
In the over–packed sky, as soaked clouds careen.

A state of panic echoes throughout all the land,
As huge bombs of liquid barrage the plains.
All that can be heard, for miles around,
Is the explosion of rain as it blasts out its sound.
A tsunami of water fully veils the Earth,
Sweeping away houses and cars in its mirth.

Finally, the torrent ceases its reign,
The Earth becoming free from the sky once again.
The children coming out, life resuming its pace
As if nothing had happened through time or through space.
But before the rainstorm ends, a single drop has to fall
And once more, in a sole moment, strikes the ground,
And unfurls…

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