Love A Lone Balloon

February 16, 2008
By Hannah Duperre, Morgantown, WV

Love, like letters,

Written in blood.

Love, like feathers,

Of the whitest doves.

Love, like weather,

Makes my blood run cold,

But love, like a sweater,

Warms my heart and soul,

Like memories of my childhood home.

Love, like a rose,

Can wilt and turn black,

When I am alone.

The sun makes me smile.

The moon makes me cry.

They're so far, a million miles,

Telling me the time,

Beautifully, As beautiful as my ugly sparkling eyes?

Oh, it is a love divided,

By miles and miles of sky.

Too much time and space wasted,

Like ghosts, such empty spaces.

Love will lie, and make me cry,

And die as I float up in the sky.

I'll live a spectral afterlife,

Like a lone balloon set free,

After saying goodbye...

A child's innocent eyes.

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