Love A Lone Balloon

February 16, 2008
Love, like letters,

Written in blood.

Love, like feathers,

Of the whitest doves.

Love, like weather,

Makes my blood run cold,

But love, like a sweater,

Warms my heart and soul,

Like memories of my childhood home.

Love, like a rose,

Can wilt and turn black,

When I am alone.

The sun makes me smile.

The moon makes me cry.

They're so far, a million miles,

Telling me the time,

Beautifully, As beautiful as my ugly sparkling eyes?

Oh, it is a love divided,

By miles and miles of sky.

Too much time and space wasted,

Like ghosts, such empty spaces.

Love will lie, and make me cry,

And die as I float up in the sky.

I'll live a spectral afterlife,

Like a lone balloon set free,

After saying goodbye...

A child's innocent eyes.

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