How to Change a Life

February 16, 2008
By Laurel Brockenberry, Portsmouth, VA

In this special place,
I play a special song,
Of love,
And faith,
In which we live,
For all time,
It bounces off the walls,
And lives in every heart,
It shines for all to see,
With potential it can be,
The notes are smooth and graceful,
The tempo slick and silky,
The rhythm steady and faint,
That will paint,
A peaceful smile on a child’s face,
This song is all but evil
This song is all saccade,
Never forget it at all,
And your faith will be so tall,
As the song ends
Regret is often present
For the song is mournful,
Though it was not meant,
You cry tears of happiness,
You cry tears of disappointment,
Not at the song,
But at the fact,
You feel unworthy of this happiness,
And hope someday,
You will have worth in this world,
Make a difference,
Save a life,
Be a believer,
A reader in your own existence,
And one day,
You’ll know how to change a life

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