The Rule

August 21, 2011
By CreativeThinker BRONZE, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
CreativeThinker BRONZE, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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Wake me up,
I'm asleep inside.
I need your help,
I didn't die.

Pull me forth,
take my hand,
help me walk,
help me stand.

I trust you,
now help me believe,
help me know,
that you're all I need.

I am weak,
and I refuse to listen,
to the screams of the hurt
and the missing.

I weep for you,
you save my life,
at night I bleed,
at night I cry.

Wonder with me,
through the dead fields,
with the black leaves,
that all need healed.

We walk a path,
filled with sharp stones,
that stab our souls,
and leave us alone.

Remember me,
when you're old and gray,
remember the happy songs,
and all that I say.

I'm not near perfect,
and never will be,
but once I die,
I know I'll be free.

Free from the torment,
and all the rage.
Free from pain
I have faced all of my days.

Bury me deep,
in the ground with the worms,
where they eat the decaying,
and in my ears they squirm.

Making their teritory,
through my once called flesh,
and all the bones,
that soon turn to mesh.

My body turns to dust,
and my life a distant memory,
that only I will recall,
only one, only me.

I will be extinct,
and my remains as well,
I dont know where I'll go,
to heaven or hell.

But it couldn't be worse,
then my home called earth.
all the blood that is shed,
is this misery hearth.

Wars of brothers,
and deaths of children.
Millions of deaths,
millions of sins.

Scream for the hurt,
the broken and bruised.
Pray for the homeless,
raped and abused.

Seek out the wise,
the ones with ol' tales.
The ones with walkers,
and arm rails.

Listen to them,
their stories are true,
they faced many hardships,
and the fields that grew.

They were less fortunate,
but still need the help,
they may be strong as nails,
but their hearts will soon melt.

So take a life,
and give to another.
Honor your elders,
your fathers and mothers.

Pray at night,
and live your life full,
this is my story,
my only rule.

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